Ultra Thin Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil


Introducing our Ultra Thin Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil, the ultimate multitasking tool for achieving flawlessly defined and long-lasting eyebrows, eyeliner, and lower eyelashes with precision and ease.

01 Brown01 Grayish Brown02 Dark Brown02 Grayish Brown03 Gray03 Light Brown04 Smoke Grey


With its ultra-thin design, this eyebrow pencil allows for precise application, enabling you to create natural-looking eyebrow shapes, define eyeliner, and enhance lower eyelashes with ease. Whether you’re aiming for soft, subtle definition or bold, dramatic lines, this pencil delivers impeccable results every time.

Available in three versatile colors, this eyebrow pencil ensures you can choose the perfect shade to complement your hair color and skin tone. Whether you have light, medium, or dark hair, our pencil has you covered for all your eyebrow grooming needs.

Featuring a liquid soft brush, this eyebrow pencil locks in color for long-lasting wear that’s resistant to smudging and blending. This Ultra Thin Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil is super waterproof and sweatproof, making it perfect for all-day wear, rain or shine.

With its soft brush tip, this eyebrow pencil allows for even and precise lines, giving you full control over your desired look.


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