Moisturizing Glow Lips Oil


Introducing the Moisturizing Glow Lip Oil, a luxurious solution crafted to pamper your lips with the utmost care and radiance. Enriched with the rejuvenating properties of cherry seed oil, this lip oil goes beyond mere hydration, delving deep to nourish your lips from within.

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Say goodbye to dryness and external stressors, as the formula forms a protective barrier to shield your delicate lips. With each application, feel the softness and suppleness enveloping your lips, transforming them into a picture of health and vitality.

Designed with a soft brush head, the application process becomes a delight, ensuring precise and comfortable coverage every time. The hydrating texture of the lip oil imparts a subtle yet alluring glow, perfect for achieving that coveted clear lip look.

Indulge in the luxury of self-care and treat your lips to the tender loving care they deserve.

Net content: 6 ml.


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