Long Lasting Matte Lipstick


Introducing the Long Lasting Matte Lipstick – the epitome of chic sophistication with a touch of boldness! With its velvety matte finish, it effortlessly glides on your lips, leaving a rich, intense colour that captivates attention.

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Crafted for the modern-day fashionista, this lipstick boasts remarkable longevity, ensuring your makeup stays flawless throughout the day. Its waterproof formula means you can confidently wear it through rain or shine, without worrying about smudging or fading.

Available in a palette of six stunning shades, there’s a hue to complement every mood and occasion. Whether you’re opting for a classic red, a sultry plum, or a subtle nude, the Long Lasting Matte Lipstick promises to deliver a high-impact look that lasts as long as you do.


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