Long Lasting Lipstick with Care Ingredients


Introducing the revolutionary Long-lasting Lipstick with Care Ingredients, a makeup essential that combines style with nourishment.

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Each tube contains 3.9 grams of vibrant colour, delivering a rich, matte finish that lasts all day. Say goodbye to constant touch-ups with the waterproof formula that withstands whatever the day throws at you.

Infused with careful ingredients, the lipstick provides more than just beauty; it nurtures your lips with every application. Experience the silky-smooth texture that glides effortlessly, while simultaneously hydrating and protecting your delicate skin. Pamper your lips while flaunting a flawless, long-lasting look that stands out from dawn to dusk.

Indulge in the perfect blend of sophistication and wellness with the Long-lasting Lipstick with Care Ingredients. Because beauty isn’t just about how you look – it’s about how you feel.


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