Matte Waterproof Longlasting Eyeliner

Matte Waterproof Longlasting Eyeliner

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Get a Fantastic Colourful Makeup

When applying the colored eyeliner, you will realize that certain colour look better on our specific skin tones than base black colors. Suddenly, the rest of the makeup looked purposeful and fresh. And that’s kind of the power of a bright, bold, colorful eyeliner, It makes you look playful and special. You can wear alone color, add multiple colors, or after based on black eyeliner, that provide a power eye art makeup.


Vivid Bright Matte Liner

The liquid eyeliner pen is available in 12 matte rainbow colors, quickly dry, waterproof, highly pigmented formula and long-lasting with great staying power. Does not go away with tears, eye drops, water, sweat-resistant, smudge-proof, and its long-wear formula means it really does stick without sliding or flaking until you wash it off. That stay all-day wear perfect.


Soft and Precision Felt Tip

The precision felt tip liquid eyeliner pen that easy to use, soft and flexible tip glides on smoothly with intense pigmentation in one swipe without skipping or tugging. it’s with you from thin to thick, from a sleek wing to a full-on cat eye, it’ll build you up and won’t let you down. find a friend that keeps you looking sharp all day, this transfer-resistant formula won’t smudge, feather, or run.


Matte Waterproof Longlasting Eyeliner