Love a Natural Flush of Colour? These Steps Will Help Achieve the Look

Love a Natural Flush of Colour? These Steps Will Help Achieve the Look

15/06/2021 Off By amazsus


Blush is perhaps the easiest way to add some life to a dull and tired-looking face. From improving your face shape to enhancing your cheekbones, blush will easily transform your makeup game. If blush has been missing from your regular makeup routine for the fear of looking like a clown, then believe us, you’re not alone.

Read on for everything you need to know to achieve a flawless blush application to fake that glow…


Step 1: Prep the Skin


Apart from the usual CTM routine (that you obviously can’t skip), it is important that you use a primer before wearing any makeup. A primer gives your skin a smooth texture by covering the pores, wrinkles and fine lines. This will further make the blush go on smoother for a natural appearance.


Step 2: Pick the Right Shade


For your blush to look absolutely natural, it is important that you pick a shade that is the closest to your skin tone. Women with fair skin tone should opt for peach and pink shades. Those with medium skin tones should ideally pick brighter shades with warm undertones such as apricot pink for a natural, glowy finish. And, women with deep skin tones should go for bright apricot or cranberry for an ethereal glow.


Step 3: Pick a Cream Blush Over Powder


Cream formulas give your skin an extremely natural finish. Cream blushes are perfect to give your face a healthy flush of colour, light up your features and look absolutely natural. Additionally, cream blushes are extremely easy to apply and work with all skin types (yes, oily skin too).


Step 4: Use Your Fingers Instead of a Brush


The warmth of your fingers will help the cream blush blend right into your skin and help fake that healthy flush. Fingers are great because they help you exercise total control and apply the product without any streaks or harsh edges.


Step 5: Stick to the Right Spots


If you want your blush application to look natural, it is important that you apply the product to the right places. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend the product lightly up into your temples. But ensure that most of the colour remains on the apples.