How to Prevent Your Lipstick from Creasing

How to Prevent Your Lipstick from Creasing

14/06/2021 Off By amazsus


Ever wondered what it takes to create that perfect Instagram-worthy pout? You may have mastered your makeup, but often unsightly lipstick creasing and bleeding can be a dampener. The key lies in the prep and technique. The following handy advice that makeup experts swear by promises you that perfect pout.


Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliation is often overlooked when it comes to lip care. Lipstick on dry and chapped lips is a complete no-no. Apart from sloughing off dead skin, exfoliation creates a smooth and clean base for the lip colour and also ensures that it lasts longer.


Prep, Prep, Prep!


Dry lips are likely to increase the chances of lipstick creasing and bleeding. So, either uses a primer or a lip balm to prep your lips before your makeup. This will keep your lips plump and moisturized and also fill in those creases to give you a smooth base. Leave on your balm or primer for about 5-10 minutes before you start your makeup. Blot gently with a tissue if required.


Apply the Base

In order to get intense colour and also make it last longer, it’s important to apply a base. Using a brush, dab some foundation on your lips and spread it evenly. This works especially well if your lips are discoloured or pigmented. Allow the foundation to dry before you move on.


Line and Define


Remember that hideous 90s look with the contrasting lip liner and lipstick? Well, that’s exactly why you need to stay away from liners that are darker than your lipstick. That being said, you still need to line your lips to create an outline and prevent the colour from bleeding. The rule of thumb is a shade that’s closest to your natural lip colour or something that’s the same colour or a shade lighter than your lipstick.


Fill in the Colour

You can use a lipstick brush to apply the colour as it ensures a well-defined application. Now, it might seem gimmicky, but the age-old tissue blotting tip actually works. Place a tissue between your lips and gently purse them. Another trick that most makeup artists swear by is dabbing some translucent powder before the final coat to set the colour, beautifully.


The Final Coat


Once your lips are prepped, it’s time for that final coat of colour. Fill in the colour starting from the centre of the lips, moving outwards. Just in case you prefer a glossy look, dab a bit of clear gloss in the centre of the upper and lower lip. This will also give the illusion of fuller lips for that perfect pout.