How to Pick the Right Brow Shade for Your Skin Tone

How to Pick the Right Brow Shade for Your Skin Tone

17/06/2021 Off By amazsus


If you are a beauty buff like us you will know that eyebrows can really change a person’s entire look. The first step in getting eyebrows on point is by picking a shape that best suits your face. The next step is to make your eyebrows look defined and fuller by picking the right shade of eyebrow pencil. However, choosing the right shade can be tricky, so today we’ll tell you how to pick the perfect brow shade based on your hair colour and skin tone.


Blonde Hair


Blonde or pale brows are hardly visible but this does not mean you will use the darkest shade to show the world you have eyebrows. Go for a shade that’s closest to the base tone of your hair, a light brown shade will work best for your skin tone and won’t make you look washed out.


Brown Hair


Brunettes or those with brown hair should always opt for a shade or two deeper than your hair colour and not lighter. Go for the double-end automatic eyebrow pencil if you want to go for a defined look. Pick a lighter shade if you prefer natural-looking brows.


Dark Brown to Black Hair


When selecting a brow shade for dark brown or black hair most people look for the exact same match. This will make your brows look fake and unnatural. Instead, opt for medium brown or grey shade depending on your skin tone. You can try the natural waterproof brow pencil if you have a deeper skin tone.