Brushed Up Brows Will Make You Look Wow

Brushed Up Brows Will Make You Look Wow

18/06/2021 Off By amazsus


This season, it’s all about brushed up brows—the hottest beauty trend that’s winning hearts everywhere. Soft, textured and bushy eyebrows not only complement the no-makeup makeup look but also, are easy-peasy to achieve.

If defined brows are not your thing, then it’s best to learn how to brush up your brows and stick to this highly wearable trend that is here to stay. Want to recreate this beauty trend? Here’s how…


Who Can Pull Off This Look?


Whether you are blessed with Cara D style brows or dealing with sparse brows crisis, this look is for everyone who loves eyebrows (who doesn’t?). Although it’s great for taming big, bushy brows, it is also apt for those who want their brows to appear much fuller than they are (what a savior, right?!).



Step-by-Step Guide to Get the Look

  • With the help of a spoolie brush, start brushing your eyebrow hair upwards. Doing this will help you see all the places you need to fill in to make scanty brows look fuller.
  • Though this trend is all about embracing the natural look, it does not mean that you don’t take any effort to make your brows look neat. Using the dual-use eyebrow pencil, trace along the underside of your arches.
  • Next, fill in the sparse areas using gentle strokes, so the brushed-up end looks naturally grown and not drawn on.
  • Follow it by brushing your brows once again for the product to slightly blend in, thereby creating the perfect natural look.
  • To add definition under your brows, take the help of a brow highlighter. This step is sure to add much-needed glamour to your brows.

And, ta-da! All-new brows in only 5 steps!