Brush, Makeup Sponge or Fingers— Which is the Most Efficient Way to Apply a Primer?

Brush, Makeup Sponge or Fingers— Which is the Most Efficient Way to Apply a Primer?

21/06/2021 Off By amazsus


Makeup primers have been around for quite some time now, however, it still remains one of the most underrated and puzzling products for many. Right from the different textures and formulas, it is available, to the most efficient way to apply it, there are endless questions surrounding primers and we’re here to put some of them to rest.

Here’s a low-down on what is the best way to apply this pre-base product…




Primer is the first product you apply to your skin after the last step of your skincare routine, it generally follows your daily face moisturizer. Several makeup artists believe fingers are one of the easiest and best ways to apply a primer as it allows the primer to blend properly and give an even finish, thereby preparing skin for the following steps. This also allows you to control how the product spreads on your skin and the amount of product you use to get that smooth surface. Always ensure your hands are clean before using this method as the germs from your hand will transfer on your skin causing unwanted skin problems.


Makeup Brush


A makeup brush comes in handy for cleanliness freaks that may not completely enjoy the idea of using their fingers for applying makeup on their skin. When you’re opting for a glamorous look maybe for an event or wedding a brush will help in applying primer. Since you’re looking for lasting longevity, apply your primer using a buffing foundation brush and allow your skin to absorb it before wearing the foundation. Waiting for a minute or two will ensure your makeup sits comfortably and does not budge or melt away for hours. A brush also comes in handy when applying primer on hard-to-reach areas such as the eyelids and inner corners. Pour some primer on an eye shadow brush and apply a thin layer starting at the lash line and spreading upwards towards your brows.


Makeup Sponge


Another way to apply your primer is with the wonder sponge which beauty experts believe gives excellent results. While it is no secret that you should always use your sponge wet, did you know that when it comes to primers you should put the product on the sponge and not your skin? This allows the product to settle on your skin as it hides visible pores and wrinkles to leave you with smooth skin.