Balancing the Art of Cooking and Keeping Makeup Safe: A Kitchenware Story

29/10/2023 Off By amazsus

Cooking, for many, is a therapeutic and creative process. However, for those who love to do makeup, the kitchen can sometimes pose challenges. From steam opening up pores to spatters of oil threatening to ruin that perfect eyeliner, the dance between cooking and makeup can be tricky. Thankfully, with a little know-how and the right kitchenware, you can keep your makeup intact and your culinary creations delicious. Let’s explore how.

1. Shielding Your Face:

a. Splash Guards: These handy kitchenware items, commonly used to prevent oil splatters, can be a makeup lover’s best friend. By shielding your face from unexpected splashes, they help maintain your makeup’s flawless finish.

b. Kitchen Fans or Extractors: A good extractor fan can reduce the humidity in your kitchen, ensuring that your makeup doesn’t slide off due to excess moisture.

2. Cooking Techniques and Makeup Safety:

a. Steaming: If you’re going for a full face of makeup, avoid leaning over steaming pots. The steam can open up your pores and make foundation slide. Use extended handles or kitchenware designed to keep you at a safe distance.

b. Tasting: When tasting your culinary creations, use long-handled spoons to avoid smudging lipstick.

c. Oven Precautions: When checking on something in the oven, open it slightly first to let the hot air escape, then fully. This prevents a full blast of heat hitting your face and potentially ruining your makeup.

3. Post-Cooking Care:

a. Face Mists: Keep a refreshing face mist on hand. A quick spritz after cooking can rejuvenate your makeup and give your skin a dewy finish.

b. Blotting Papers: These are essential for absorbing any excess oil or sweat that might have resulted from standing by the stove.

4. Organising with Kitchenware:

Believe it or not, some kitchenware can be repurposed to organise makeup. Spice racks can hold lipsticks, and cutlery trays can sort brushes. However, always ensure that any kitchenware used for makeup storage is thoroughly cleaned and not used for food thereafter.

5. Conclusion:

Balancing the art of cooking while maintaining a pristine makeup look is achievable with a bit of awareness and the right kitchenware. By following the above tips, you can ensure that both your dishes and your makeup look remain impeccable. After all, why shouldn’t you look as fabulous as the food you’re creating?

Cook with flair and wear your makeup with confidence! 💄🍳🥄