5 Ways to Make Eyeshadows Pop on Dusky Skin

10/06/2021 Off By amazsus


No summer makeup look is ever complete without a pop of bright and cheery eyeshadow. They are a fun way to level up just about any makeup look. But if you have dusky skin, then we very well know how disappointing it can be to realize that the pastel eyeshadow you’ve been so excited to try doesn’t exactly show up as you’d like them to.

But fret not; we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Scroll down for five near-genius makeup tips on how to make eyeshadow pop on your lovely dusky skin.


1. Try an Eye Primer


A primer is godsent. Simply applying a tiny bit of primer on your lids will help in evening out the skin tone and texture to create the perfect base for your eye makeup. Additionally, it is also a great way to make your eyeshadow stay in place all day long.


2. Use Concealer As a Base


In case you don’t have a primer handy, don’t worry, here’s the perfect hack for you. Applying a thin layer of concealer helps neutralize any discoloration. It also makes for a great base and will make just about any eyeshadow colour pop.


3. White Eyeshadow


If you are wearing a particular light or pastel shade, then a primer or concealer won’t be enough. You may have to follow it up with a thin layer of white eyeshadow. This will make your eyeshadow pop and the pigment will show up on your eyelids just as it does in the palette. Isn’t that awesome?


4. Apply the Right Way


Do you tend to apply your eyeshadow in a sweeping motion? If your answer is yes, this could be a reason why lighter eyeshadow colour don’t show up on your lids. Swiping the eyeshadow blends the product and reduces its intensity, thereby making it barely visible on dusky skin tones. What you need to do instead is take a dense eyeshadow brush and use it to pat the product on your lids. Next, take a fluffy blending brush and gently blend the edges to soften them up.


5. Use a Damp Brush


Here’s another trick we absolutely love! Just like how you use a damp makeup sponge for a smoother, streak-free foundation application, the same logic applies to your eyeshadow as well. Spritzing your eyeshadow brush with some water helps in picking up the right amount of product and makes it stick to your eyelids a lot more easily, thereby making those eyeshadows pop a lot better!