5 Tips to Conceal the Under-Eye Area Perfectly

5 Tips to Conceal the Under-Eye Area Perfectly

16/06/2021 Off By amazsus


Whether you are someone who’s susceptible to dark circles or you’ve just had a bad run of sleepless nights, an application of concealer, especially on the under-eye area can be a godsend to quickly and effectively hide any discoloration.

However, there’s definitely a fine art involved in covering up the under-eye area. Here are some of our favorite tried and tested ways to apply concealer and look flawless each and every time. Read on and thank us later.


Prepare the Eye Contour


The area around your eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive hence it is really important to keep it nourished. Moisturize it every morning and evening with an appropriate eye cream to help erase imperfections and reduce wrinkles. This little practice will go a long way in ensuring that your concealer gets maximum hold and doesn’t gather in the folds.


Be as Precise as Possible


Unlike popular belief, it is really not necessary to apply concealer all the way around your eyes. The area in the innermost corners of your eyes tends to have grey-ish blue undertones and that’s what requires maximum coverage. Make a ‘C shape’ in the area and blend it outwards for maximum coverage.


Always Use a Brush


If you want a traceless application of concealer in the under-eye area, then it is important to follow a 2-step process. When you use your fingers to apply concealer, you always end up using more products than needed. A concealer brush helps mark out and dab concealer right onto the desired areas. Simply dot the concealer in that area and blend slightly down onto the cheek, pat and blend across.


Blend it Till You Make It


It’s a no-brainer that you need to blend the concealer into your foundation, but the secret to making it look flawless is in *how* you do it. Since the area under the eyes is delicate, hence it is best to avoid sweeping or pulling the skin in that area. A gentle tapping or patting motion is best for concealer application. Also, blend downwards onto the cheek area as this helps bring lightness and brightness to the face while also helping conceal any dark shadows.


Use Sparingly


The key to ensuring that your concealer looks completely undetectable is to not pack it on too much. Many make the mistake of applying concealer liberally across the under-eye area, all the way to the outer corners; this is where fine lines usually live, so remember your concealer should blend and sheer out in that area. If you still need more coverage, go back and add a little more, building it up in thin layers.